Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Month of April

The month of April has come and gone and it's time for my monthly update! It's been another busy month, but we got a glimpse of summer time weather and it was glorious!
Thanks to Craig, Cody was able to go to his first Hockey game. He loved it and talked about nothing else for at least a week. He'd walk around saying " (patting his head)....BOOM!
It made quite the impression. My dad was also thrilled with Cody's excitement. Being a northern boy, he really would like to stick it to Chris, if Cody were to choose hockey over :)
I really think Cody and Erin's favorite part was the snacks and climbing over the chairs. Oh, and the the floor was so sticky, I literally lost my shoe mid step leaving the row. Yuck!

These pictures are of a really fun warm day. Cody loves the hose. This is the Jackson's version of a wet t-shirt contest! They are in order so you can see how they progressively get more dirty.

Just some cute sleeping pictures I couldn't resit posting. He fell asleep watching Curious George.

Every Saturday of this month, Chris has been playing in a work football league. It's been really fun getting to know some of the people he works with.
And of course, his team is in first place!

This is Chris' partner, Steve. They went through the academy together and are so excited to get to work together on the street as well. I call him Chris' other wife. They are at the movies right now. They are hilarious!

Last week, Cody had his first taste of Cold Stone! It was a hit, as if it wouldn't be :) The Maggiore's joined us and it was a blast, although I think the whole place breathed a sigh of relief when we left. The kids were more than a little rowdy. Oh well it was all in good fun!

My friend, April passed this costume on to me after her kids outgrew it. She though Cody might like to dress up in it for play. Well after the Halloween, monkey costume disaster, I decided to throw it in the stuffed animal trunk and had totally forgotten about it. On Saturday, I walked into Cody's room to find every animal on the floor and he was holding the Tigger going "think, think, think". He wanted to put it on and I obliged. I though it would last a minute, but it was on most of the day while we were home. When I finally peeled it off of him for his bath, he was dripping sweat from this head. Gross!

This was the reaction I got when I told him that Tiggers don't need Binky's.

In other news, I found out that my best friend since elementary school, is going to have a baby! I'm so excited for her. She is due on Halloween, but I told her not to worry, the baby would most certainly come on Hallelujah Harvest night. That's just the way life works!
Also, Tricia was released from the hospital on the 22nd. She is still close by and does about 4 hours of physical therapy every day, but she is getting to sleep the whole night with the man she loves by her side and after 6 months of not getting to do that, I'm sure it's wonderful. Baby Gwyneth is doing well! Her due date was the 24th. Its hard to believe she's been here so long when she shouldn't have been. Praise God they are both doing so well and please continue to lift them up to our Lord daily!
We also found out that our church has selected a pastoral candidate. He is coming this Wednesday and Sunday to preach. I am so excited. I know this means that Rob, our executive pastor, is not getting the job, and I do love him and his family very much, but I am happy to see all the things this new guy could bring to the table. Most of all I'm just happy to be moving on and getting back to the business of ministering to our community and not worrying about interviews and rumors and all the nonsense. I'm ready to move forward!
Cody said his first 4 syllable word today, "macaroni" and it actually sounded right!
I got to so see Sue's new baby girl today! She is beautiful. I totally thought it was going to be a girl and think it's hilarious that God gave her the shock of her life. That's what she gets for guessing!
Love to you all and I'll blog you next month!


We got pictures done today. This is my favorite!