Saturday, October 20, 2007

So I Lied!

I know I said it would be a while before I posted, but I had no idea so many great things would happen in the last few days! So I'll just start in order...
I picked Cody up from Granny's after work and she told me Cody had a very busy day. She had laid him down for his afternoon nap and about an hour into it, she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and there is Cody standing with his binky and blanket. She was so surprised to spit toothpaste all over the bathroom! She took him back into the room and said "Show me what you did." She put him back in the crib and he climbed right out.
Then she was getting ready to give him a bath and she has this little potty chair in the bathroom. He sat on the potty and peed! She had her camera right there and took the most adorable picture. I'll post it when I get it from her. So she was showing me the picture when I picked him up and he grabbed my hand and took me into the bathroom. I asked him if he needed to go again and he said yes. I put him back on the potty and he went!
So I guess we are quickly heading into potty training and big boy beds!
Chris, Cody and I went to Hunt Club Farms. We had a blast! Cody already had pumpkins from Granny and Nana, so we really enjoyed the hay ride and all the animals. They had a play area surrounded by animals and in the middle was an awesome playground, a mound of hay for the kids to jump in and a old tractor to climb on. We had to tear Cody away. It was such a great family event. The only bad thing was it felt like July! :)


Chris watched Cody in the morning so I could do a little shopping. It was wonderful. I think the guys had a good morning too! Then my Aunt was in town for a couple hours and she, my mom, myself and Cody did a few things together. We went to a really neat estate sale near the oceanfront. Then we had lunch at Beach Bully and them we went on the beach at 31st. They put one of those jungle gyms on the beach and Cody had a blast on it. We came home and spent the afternoon raking and planing grass seed. And Cody used the potty two more times today! It's been so awesome. He's almost potty training himself!

It was a great day.

What a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Advice

OK, so it's been like a month since I last blogged, but I have to admit it has been one booger of a month. And as you can see from the ticker above, it's less than two weeks from Hallelujah Harvest. So for now you all will have to wait with baited breath for the exciting stories from the Jackson household...yeah right!
But here's my question. Chris and I want to do a pumpkin patch day with Cody on Friday. This will be the first year for us, so I am looking for the best one in the area. I know you all have the scoop on the best places in town! Is there any place that takes you on a hay ride and you actually pick your pumpkin off the vine?
Thanks for your help! I'm really looking forward to this!


We got pictures done today. This is my favorite!