Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two Days of Heaven!

Chris and I were both off yesterday and today, and let me tell you, we needed it! The last couple weeks have been crazy, so it was so nice to have great family time. We slept in, ran errands, took Cody to his first movie, went out to lunch and caught up on our DVR. It's been like being on vacation at home. Pure heaven, to steal a line from Sue! What a blessing. I feel so refreshed and ready to face the rest of my week!
I'm also getting to catch up on my blog. So here's a month's worth of pictures :) This one is of Cody playing in the puddles. A couple of Saturday's ago, we had that massive rain storm and what started out as throwing balls in the puddles, turned into this! I also got a great video, but I can't get it in a format blogger will accept yet. I'll keep working on it, cause it was precious!
These picture are of Cody and Molly "helping" MeMe plant her garden. It was a riot watching her try to plant and shoo them away at the same time.

Our back yard has the most amazing daffodils in the spring. I love to take advantage of them for spring pictures.

Molly's first trip to the beach. She loved it and Cody had a good time as well. It was really windy, so we didn't stay long, but it was a fun family outing!

This is just a fun picture. Cody was trying to postpone bedtime and it worked. He was playing Krispy Kreme employee. We would tell him what kind of doughnut we wanted and he would pretend to get it for us and we would pretend to eat it. It was really fun and cute to see him being able to use his ever growing imagination.
Easter Basket! I just barely got to be a part of this. I was on my way out the door for church when Cody woke up. He especially loved his Cars movie and finger paints! I really wanted to carry on my childhood tradition of finding Easter baskets in the backyard, but it just didn't happen this year. Hopefully next year!

My handsome men in their Easter outfits! I'm so blessed!

After our family Easter lunch, we went to the Ratz for a egg hunt. We had such a great time. A perfect ending to the day! Thank you Sue and Dave for opening your home. You are such amazing hosts! I think we might have a new tradition!

Cody's first finger painting experience! He wasn't to sure about it at first, but he really got into it. I was so glad I had taken his clothes off, 'cause that paint got places I never thought it would :) I love being the one to introduce "firsts" to him. It was really fun!

So there's my month of blogging. March has been a complete blur, but a great month. As I have sat here and reviewed the time, I realize once again, that I am an extremely blessed woman.

Thank you, God for your gift of life eternal and abundant!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

She's Here!

Some of you knew that Chris and I were going to get our dog today, but for those of you who didn't, here she is! Her name is Molly and she is part lab and part boxer, just like Luke was. She is so pretty. We drove down to Wilmington today to get her. She was so good on the way home. She slept in my lap most of the trip. Cody seems to really like her.


We got pictures done today. This is my favorite!