Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blueberry Pie

Tonight for dessert, I made Chris' favorite, Homemade Blueberry Pie. I have to say it was pretty good. Cody loved it! Especially with Ice Cream! What fun to watch him experience new things!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday, we went to picture people at the mall to get some pictures done of Cody. You can see one of the outfit above, but the other outfit was his tuxedo from Brad's wedding. Cody fell asleep at the reception, so we didn't get any good pictures of him in the tux. It was so cute, I wanted to get some before he out grew it. So here we are walking around the mall waiting for the proofs. We went in the toy store and the pet shop. Everywhere we went people were oh-ing and ah-ing. He loved the attention! Here are some pictures. It was so funny!

My parents are got a new mattress today and the old one was put in the den until it get taken over to Brad and Andrea's house. After today, I don't think Cody is going to want to let it go :)
We have had the most fun on it. He's learned to "1, 2, 3, Jump!" from the couch and belly flop on the mattress (hilarious). And these pictures are from Daddy and Cody "wrestling" last night. We've had a blast. I'm going to be sad to see our new "trampoline" leave.

Have you ever seen a bigger smile on Chris' face?

Or Cody's?

Both boys being distracted by the same thing on TV and the exact same moment. Man like father like son :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

My Eight Things....

Ok...so I've been tagged and here are my eight things:
8. I HATE bananas! I hate the smell of them, the taste of them and the texture of them. It is one of the hardest thing I do as a mom to cut them up for Cody.
7. I was a member of the first class to start at Atlantic Shores Christian School. I was in K4. I think I was the second student enrolled after Danny Budde.
6. Ok, everybody is telling hair stories, so I'll share one of mine. When I was in the 7th grade, I was having a really bad hair day. I asked my mom to trim my bangs, but she said it would make us late for school and I would have to wait 'til I got home. Well I was stubborn (Hey that could be my #5!) and took a pair of scissors in the bathroom and grabbed my bangs and "Snip" and accidentally cut them almost flush to my forehead. All that was left was this little poof of hair right at my hairline. Needless to say, I was indeed late to school that day. My mom made me go in anyway. It was one of the worst days of my life. I guess Chris wasn't the only one in the family with a "boof." :)
5. I was born in the tiny town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, in the same hospital as Judy Garland. When you go in town, they have this huge Wizard of Oz mural painted on one of the buildings. You can tour her childhood home.
4. I think I've been swimming my whole life, but I swam competitively all 4 years of high school. In fact during my junior year, my relay team won 5th place in the Virginia Private School State Tournament. I still have the medal so I can prove to Chris and I was an athlete at one point.
3. I have been a book nerd most of my life. All through school, I always had a book with me. I found out my senior year that one of the most popular boys in school had wanted to date me in the 10th grade but I, in his words, "read to much." Ouch! I guess he was just intimidated by my superior intellect :)
2. I have had the same best friend since the 5th grade. Her name is Brandie and I could not have a better confidant, sounding board, shoulder to cry on, exercise partner, 24 watching, or sit around and do nothing friend. She and her husband now live in our neighborhood and our husbands have so much fun together too. I'm so blessed by her incredibly steadfast friendship. I love you, girl!
1. The way to a man's heart in not through his stomach...in fact the way I got Chris, was actually the opposite. New Year's Eve 1999. We had a Sunday School party and Mr. and Mrs. Maggiore's house. (Joe was the teacher of the class.) And Chris and I got in an argument over who sang the duet with Shaina Twain, "From This Moment." I said Bryan White and he said Vince Gil. We argued for a few minutes. (Again, we are both very stubborn!) He was getting in my face telling me I was wrong and before I knew it, I had slapped him in the face in front of all his friends. He turned and walked out of the room and I thought he would never speak to me again. Three months later, he started calling me out of the blue and by May we were dating. I guess he wanted a girl who would stand up to him.
Well man did he get it. :)
There I did it. All eight. It only took an hour. Good thing Cody takes long naps!
Now I am going to tag Jamie Saunder, Sue Ratz and Katrina Ward! I can't wait to see what you all are going to write. This was fun thinking back. Thanks for passing this on Beth (Blog-Harasser!)

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Most of you know about the newest member of our family...Doggy-Dog.

We rescued him from a pile of things that were going to be thrown away at church. He was used as a prop in a Kid's Thang drama and they no longer had the room to store him. You would not believe how much Cody loves this enormous dog. When he wakes up in the morning, our dialogue normally goes something like this:
Me: "Good Morning!"
Cody: "Mama!"

Me: "Hi, Baby."

Cody: "Daddy?"

Me: "Daddy's already at work today."

Cody: "Doggy-Dog?"
So then I carry Cody, the large St. Bernard, and the cup of juice upstairs where we watch a morning cartoon, before getting ready for work. It's a hilarious routine. What even funnier is watching me try to carry Cody and his massive dog up the stairs. It's a miracle I haven't broken all of our necks! When we leave the house, we either have to take the dog in the car with us, or say a proper goodbye before leaving. We put him down for "naps." He drinks from Cody's cup. It's absolutely ridiculously cute, so I thought I'd share it. :)

A Day At The Park




Today, Daddy was working a side job, so Cody and Mommy went to the park. I took him to Fun Forest. He was a little overwhelmed at first, but as soon as he saw the giant car with TWO steering wheels, he was hooked. We had a blast and now he's down for a (hopefully) long afternoon nap. I had so much fun experiencing this new environment with him. He's so much braver than I every remember being as a child. He wanted to be right in with the big kids jumping off everything. I think his favorite part was this way to brave squirrel who was looking for food on the ground and stopped to take a bite right in front of us. Cody squealed in delight. We usually watch them from the kitchen window, but this was up close and personal.
After a sick child all week, it was great seeing him back to his old self!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

And the Award Goes To..................

And the Leader of the Year Award Goes To.........................
Sheila Harrison
That's right our very own Sheila won the highest honor from the Children's Ministry last night at Shores Awards. I thought you all might want to see her accepting her award.

Other winners included Jayne Hoare and Jennifer Maggiore!
We had a great evenings with those we serve alongside every week!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Baby Kylee
We finally got to meet Brad and Katrina's new baby girl. She is so tiny! But she is beautiful and healthy and a great eater. They say she is very calm and rarely cries except when she's hungry. What a doll baby. She has the blackest hair and long fingers. The feet of her outfit are little frogs. So cute!
Brad and Katrina a doing an amazing job! I'm so thankful that she is here and both mommy and baby are healthy! "Thank you, Lord!"

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I have been chastised for not blogging for over a week. I'm sorry for being so delinquent, Beth :) Life gets a little crazy during the week. It seems like an endless cycle of getting up, working, coming home, making dinner, bath time, nite-nite and then back up again. So we make the most of our weekends. Speaking of which...Don't forget softball playoffs are this weekend. We play at 7 pm. We have to win this weekend to play for the championship next weekend. So all hands on deck! I can't believe the season is almost over which means summer is almost over. We have so much fun seeing you all every week and watching the kids and boys play!
The newest news with me is that I have started running. Yes, I said it, running! Two friends and I run three nights a week. I only do a mile. They do two. Buy they have been doing it longer than I have. We have such a great time that I ALMOST forget we are exercising.
So that's it for now. I'm going to see Baby Kylee on Wednesday so hopefully I get some pictures of her to post :)


We got pictures done today. This is my favorite!